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Testing EMF / EMI for Deep Brain Stimulators (DBS)

IAQ-EMF Consulting Inc., the testing experts, we test for electromagnetic field interference (EMI) for workers and patients with medical devices such as deep brain stimulators (DBS) as well as pacemakers and defibrillators. Consulting experts since 1990.

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EMF Testing at a Computer-Server Facility

Computer/Server Facility

Computer/Server Facility was tested for EMF. May 21, 2020

EMF Testing at a Computer-Server FacilityA study was completed this past week for a computer-server facility. The purpose was to test for EMF, electromagnetic fields. 🧲 Mission completed.stuart-bagley-pic

Will static electricity affect my pacemaker?

The scientific answer is yes it might, depending on the strength and location of the static electrical charge to the human body. From the Journal “Images in cardiology” “Initiation of pacemaker endless loop tachycardia by triboelectricity” (static electricity)
Static Electricity Affects Pacemakers
“Static electricity or triboelectric signals may account for mysterious oversensing by unipolar pacemakers. When the relative humidity is quite low, an observer, especially when wearing rubber shoes, may gather considerable static electricity when entering a carpeted room. Touching the patient’s skin over a unipolar pacemaker may release sufficient static voltage to be sensed by a unipolar pacemaker.”
Initiation of pacemaker endless loop tachycardia by triboelectricity S BAROLD – Heart, 2001 –

EMF Testing Expert Qualifications

EMF Testing Expert Qualifications

  • * Stuart D. Bagley, MS CIH CSP  has thirty years of experience and has performed electromagnetic field investigations at electric utilities     and  plants located throughout the United States. 
  • * Mr. Bagley was an EHS Manager at General Electric Power Generation.
  • * Mr. Bagley is a Board Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Safety Professional (CSP).  Mr. Bagley’s education    includes a Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  
  • * He has conducted numerous electromagnetic field investigations at client sites throughout the United States.  
  • * Mr. Bagley has extensive knowledge of heart device standards and testing methods.  


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