EMI Assessments

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Why is EMF Testing Necessary?

If you are a heart-device patient, you may find your device at risk of interference around high-voltage overhead power lines, radio transmission towers, electric power tools, portable two-way radios, large AC and small DC motors and so on.  In the workplace  you may request an Electromagnetic Field Interference (EMI) survey (also called a site survey) of your workplace.  An EMF testing consultant can conduct a site survey of your entire work facility or even a single piece of equipment.

Corporate Compliance Testing

Sources of EMI in the workplace

  • Overhead Power Lines
  • Motors (AC and DC)
  • Industrial Magnets
  • Accessible electric circuits with live current
Types of workplace measurements:
  • Power Frequency: E-field strength
  • Static or DC Currents: B-field strength
  • Power Frequency and Modulated Magnetic Fields: H-field strength (B-field)
  • Radiofrequency or High Frequency: RF-field strength:
  • Conducted Electric fields

 For medical professionals

EMI AssessmentsAs a cardiologist, you need to know about electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can affect your patients’ implanted heart rhythm devices.
  • Can employee with an implantable device return to work safely.
  • Are restrictions to an employee’s work environment required.
  • EMI testing reveals which minor modifications need to be made to satisfy ADA requirements.